2D Animation In Adobe After Effects Part01

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  • Part 01 of 02
  • In this Adobe After Effects video tutorial set we will cover 2D animation.  We Cover breaking up the character in Photoshop and setting u...

2D Animation In Adobe After Effects Part02

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  • Part 02 of 02
  • This part of this Adobe After Effects tutorial we will finish the rigging of the character then animate a 2D character walk cycle.  Use s...

2D Character Animation in 3D Studio Max Part01 Setting Up The Character in Photoshop

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  • Part 01 of 04
  • This Video tutorial set covers creating 2D character animations in 3D Studio Max.  Part 01  we will cover Setting up the charac...

2D Character Animation in 3D Studio Max Part02 Setting Up The Character In Max

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  • Part 02 of 04
  • In this 3D Studio Max video tutorial we will work with the UV editor to get each plane to have a body part on it.  Use Photoshop to get s...

2D Character Animation in 3D Studio Max Part03 Rigging The Character

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  • Part 03 of 04
  • In the 3D Studio Max video tutorial we cover piecing the character together and building the rigging.  We will use select and link to con...

2D Character Animation in 3D Studio Max Part04 Animating The 2D Character

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Part 04 of 04

This video tutorial covers animating the 2D Characters walk cycle in 3D Studio Max

Intro To Mudbox Part01 Interface and Navigation

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  • Part 01 of 04
  • A beginners free video tutorial to Mudbox 2012 software.  Covering the interface, navigation, and short cut keys for the program.
  • ...

Intro To Mudbox Part02 Modeling from a Sphear

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  • Part 02 of 04
  • This Free Mudbox video tutorial covers creating a sphere in mudbox, then shaping that sphere into a head with the paint poly tools.  This...

Intro To Mudbox Part03 Modeling Layers and Materials

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  • Part 03 of 04
  • Adding Layers for modeling and Materials of a start look



Intro To Mudbox Part04 Modeling, Stamp, Stencils, Paint

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  • Part 04 of 04
  • Working with Stamp, Stencils to add skin texture detail to the character in Mudbox.
  • Control the Stencils with Short cut keys
  • ...