Action Script 3.0 Web Site Part 07_FLV Player

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  • Part 07 of 10
  • Create Frame Labels for site navigation
  • Create the Demo Reel Page
  • Create the FLV Player to play your demo reels
  • ...

Action Script 3.0 Web Site Part 08_FLV Player Media Encoder

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  • Part 08 of 10
  • Encode Video Files with Adobe Media Encoder to FLV format
  • Build a FLV Player
  • Create Animated buttons with Movie Clips...

Action Script 3.0 Web Site Part 09_Publishing Settings

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  • Part 09 of 10
  • Finishing off the Action Script 3.0 for the site
  • What you are going to upload to your server
  • Publish the flash file fo...

Action Script 3.0 Web Site Part 10_PreLoader

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  • Part 10 of 10
  • Finishing off the site
  • Build the preloader for the site.

Flash Scrolling text

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  • Action Script 2.0 and 3.0
  • Super easy way to set up scrolling text in flash
  • Using dynamic text and component scroll to create scrolling text
  • ...

Intro to Creating Action Script 3.0 buttons

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  • Free Video Tutorial on Adobe Flash Action Script 3.0
  • Create buttons with action script 3.0 that go to a different point in time line.
  • Create but...

Create a Castle Scene Part 01_Modeling

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  • Part 01 of 19
  • Build a Castle scene in 3D Studio Max
  • Start with the outer walls using edit poly

Create a Castle Scene Part 02_Modeling

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  • Part 02 of 19
  • Finishing up the Door in outer Wall
  • Compound Objects
  • Cut Tool
  • Connect Vertex tool
  • Create Short...

Create a Castle Scene Part 03_Modeling

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  • Part 03 of 19
  • Model out the towers and Center building

Create a Castle Scene Part 04_Modeling

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  • Part 04 of 19
  • Crate the windows and door for center building
  • Use the Array tool to copy boxes for the windows
  • Use the Chamfer tool s...