Create a Castle Scene Part 15_Texturing

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  • Part 15 of 19
  • Finish off the outer wall texture with Photoshop
  • Create the Normal Map using ShaderMap Pro
  • Link to ShaderMap Pro:...

Create a Castle Scene Part 16_Rendering Mental Ray

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  • Part 16 of 19
  • Rendering Modes
  • Rendering Options Window
  • Setting up Sizes for Render output
  • Saving the Render image
  • ...

Create a Castle Scene Part 17_Mental Ray Materials

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  • Part 17 of 19
  • Working with Mental Ray Water Materials
  • Unwrapping the Ground with Pelt mapping

Create a Castle Scene Part 18_Lighting

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  • Part 18 of 19
  • Create Lights in 3D Studio Max
  • Light properties
  • Day Light System and properties
  • Render properties for Ment...

Create a Castle Scene Part 19_Light Effects Finish

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  • Part 19 of 19
  • Light Effects
  • Create a Camera CTRL+C
  • Environment Effects window
  • Create a Sun Effect
  • Play with...

Getting a job in the Visual Media Industry

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  • The things you need to know to help yourself get a job in the visual media industry.

3D Studio Max To UDK Unwrapping for Light Mapping

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  • This Free online video tutorial is for 3D Studio Max and UDK
  • Create two Unwrap modifiers in 3D Studio Max for UDK
  • Use one for the light Mapping....

3D Studio Max To UDK Collision Setup

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  • Video tutorial on 3D Studio Max and UDK
  • Build your Collision boxes in Max to be exported to UDK
  • Object names you have to use for Collision objec...

3D Studio Max To UDK Units And Scale Setup

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  • Free Video tutorial on UKD and 3D Studio Max
  • Get Max Scale Units to match UDK
  • This will allow you to model at real world settings have a correct...

Create in UDK Trigger Door, Platform and Start Point Part01

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  • Online UDK Video Tutorial covers Kismet and triggers
  • Part 01 of 02
  • Set up a static mesh for animation in UDK
  • Create a Trig...